Friday, September 23, 2011

Persian Peach Jam

Well, we have been practicing for four years, chopping, boiling, stirring up fruit. It started off as a hobby and slowly, gradually, it became an obsession. Hundreds of pounds of fruit have been processed into many, many jars. That's how Sticky Spoon was born. Welcome to our blog. This is a place for us to document our process, if you would care to follow it. We want to show you how we do turn fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables into great jams. We will show how we source the product, pick or purchase the fruit from local farms, peel, boil and can everything until it is turned into delicious jam with just the right texture and a combination of spices and flavours that we put a lot of thought into. Hopefully, these photos will be able to translate just how much fun we have in the kitchen. So here we go, glad you could join us. Things are happening!

Production #1: Peach & Rose Water Jam