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Just in case you cannot read the small print, here is a copy of the article below (can you see the 4.5 stars that The National Post gave Sticky Spoon? Wow! And sharing the page with James Bond is quite the honor as well...)

"Sticky Spoon Carrot Jam and B.C. Kiwi Jam each 250 mL; $9.95 at select B.C. retailers or Vancouver’s Granville Island Market features a gem of a locavore shop called Edible B.C., and every year Shelf Life likes to investigate its new wares (the story so far: neophytes should begin with the Denman Island line of chocolates). These two jams caught our eye, not only because the ingredients are simple, regional and impeccable but because we’ve never experienced carrot jam before, and who knew B.C. grows Kiwi fruit? The packaging practically sings “hostess gift.” Each product is pectin free, lists sugar as the second ingredient and includes a helpful tag of serving suggestions. We started with the carrot jam, which is nicely vegetal on the nose. It tastes very sweet — but not to its detriment — and has a marmalade-ish, shredded texture. The hint of cardamom is inspired. The kiwi variety is also remarkably sweet, and perhaps less versatile (whereas the carrot jam could enliven everything from glazes to morning toast, the fruit spread is more of an acquired taste, and densely seeded to boot). Our verdict? Both are delightful, if pricey. B.C. is definitely the better for them. A. Brouwer & A. Wilson, Weekend Post." 

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