About Sticky Spoon

Sticky Spoon is a Vancouver-based company started by two women with established careers in the local hospitality industry. We believe that locally sourced fruits and vegetables cooked in small batches with carefully selected spices and herbs results in delicious (and beautiful) jams. We have been practicing for years, chopping, boiling and stirring up fruit. It started off as a hobby and slowly, gradually, it has become something more. We do not add commercial pectin to our jams, we simply rely on the fruit's natural pectin to do the work. This means that each 250ml jar contains approximately one pound of fruit.

Angela Dean

photo: Shannon Mendes

With a career working in some of Vancouver's most acclaimed restaurants as a server, manager and lover of all things food and wine, Angela brings her sophisticated palate to the Sticky Spoon duo. She really enjoys researching and testing recipes as well as the creative component of combining fruits and spices into beautiful jars of jam that she hopes her great-grandmother would be proud of. She also spearheads the pairings for our final product. Our Twitter and Facebook expert, Angela keeps Sticky Spoon followers interested with weekly comments and updates.

Julie-Anne Cassidy

In addition to years of service in the restaurant industry, Julie-Anne holds a degree in Communications and is currently working towards a certificate in  Photography. Her camera rarely out of reach, she documents the process of jam-making for the Sticky Spoon website and writes the blog. Julie-Anne also enjoys sourcing fruits and vegetables for the jam and talking to farmers about their produce. She often solicits the help of friends to visit local farms and pick as much of the fruit that goes into the jam as possible.

We hope that you enjoy our jams. Often. And with lots of different foods and friends.