Friday, December 2, 2011

Quince Jam and Quince Jelly

Aaaaaaaaaah Quince. We love you. We admire your floral scent and your unique flavour. And if we cook you long enough, Quince, your pale yellow flesh turns into a beautiful ruby-mauve colour and we just can't get over how you transform from a sour, bumpy, sometimes furry little thing into something else entirely: a sweet, delicate, yummy fruit.

But Quince, you are a stubborn little bitch and we hate you as much as we love you. Your tough, thick skin is almost impossible to peel, your core can sometimes be so big that it leaves very little flesh for us to make anything with and quite frankly, chopping you is just a nightmare (have you ever tried to cut quince into matchsticks? We don't recommend it.) Bad little Quince, very bad.

You put up a fight this year and we are still unsure wether we won the war or not. We are still a little afraid of you, Quince. On the one hand, we have many jars of beautiful jam and jelly that are so delicious there are no words to describe. On the other hand, we are left a little scarred from this jamming experience (Emotionally, yes, but also literally. Check out my left thumb next time you see me). As it turns out, making a batch or two of quince jelly and turning sixty-five pounds of fruit into jam is a totally different thing, who would have thought. We just hope that we will have forgotten it all by the time quince season comes around again next year because we can't get enough of this tasty jelly, despite our love/hate relationship with the fruit.

Now...... who wants quince jam and jelly? It really is fantastic. I guess we won after all. Sticky Spoon 1, Quince 0.

Please take note that Sticky Spoon Jams will be available for purchase this weekend, December 17th. If you are interested in buying a jar, please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email Julie-Anne at or Angela at Thank you for your support, we would love to hear from you!

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