Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sticky Spoon at the Market

Last Saturday, on a particularly stormy morning, we got out of bed way before the sun, when the air is at its coldest, and braved both snow and then pouring rain to head to the Vancouver Winter Farmers Market. We packed up the Mini Cooper until it was about to burst with tent weights, tablecloths, plates, banners, spoons and of course, jam.

Considering the fact that if there is so much as a single snowflake in the air, Vancourites don't leave the comfort of their own homes, we were grateful to see that the market was still fairly busy. We got soaking wet, froze our toes and fingers off but the sun finally came out and we had a great time. We got to do something really satisfying and that is talk to farmers and market customers, offer samples of our jams and discuss our product ideas with local people who really care about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

It made for a long day (especially for one of us who had to run from the market, frozen toes and all, to work a full shift at the restaurant, at a particularly crazy busy time of year... ) but we enjoyed the atmosphere and appreciate that some of you came to visit us.

For those of you who preferred to wait for a more pleasant day to leave your house, we will be at the Farmers Market at Nat Bailey Stadium from 10am to 2pm next Saturday, January 21st, as well as February 11th and 25th. March and april dates have yet to be decided. We would love to see you! If the time or place does not suit your schedule, keep in mind that we will deliver our jams to you if you live in or near Vancouver. We have even shipped those little jars to different cities across Canada so no need to worry, there are many ways to get Sticky Spoon to you.

We are also currently working on three new flavours of jams for Sticky Spoon. We are doing research, testing batches of preserves and contacting farms for very large quantities of fruit and vegetables. The new flavours should be available in the next month so keep in touch!

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