Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking forward to Summer Market...

We attended our last Winter Farmers Market of the season last weekend.  It was a sunny, busy day and many friends came to say hello (even furry friends, our favourite!).

As with most beautifully warm Saturdays, everyone seemed to be in a good mood and there was much socializing amongst vendors, which happens to be one of the best parts of participating at the Farmers Market. 

We are grateful to take part in such an event and feel privileged that the market organizers and vendors have accepted us into their community.  Setting up our tent in the morning is no longer a hassle and has actually become a bit of a joke; not one week has gone by without a gentleman and fellow vendor offering their help to hopelessly useless jam ladies (we have the patience to dice a hundred pounds of onions in one afternoon, but not to figure out how to pop up a canopy tent...)

Everyone wishes us luck before the bell rings, offers advice when needed, and discount their handmade and homegrown product for other vendors (and often for customers too). We have exchanged jam for cheese and bought hundreds of pounds of fruit from other vendors, from people we now know by their first names. It really is an amazing feeling to greet the person who grew your breakfast from seed. Who picked the apple you ate this morning? Travis? Kevin? Walter? As a matter of fact, we can proudly tell you who grew the fruit in almost every flavour of Sticky Spoon jam and often point out the farmers and vendor to the customers who chat with us at the market. 

We look forward to returning to the Vancouver Farmers Market in June. You  can find new Sticky Spoon flavours at the West End Farmers Market on June 30th, July 21st and September 15th.  In the meantime, our jams can be found at five different locations across Vancouver and Vancouver Island and you can always email us for more if your jar of jam didn't last quite as long as you thought...See you soon!

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