Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Raspberry Jam

Raspberries are really special. Jatinder, our raspberry farmer, describes their delicate nature perfectly by rightly stating that raspberries don't like any affection whatsover.  Anyone who has ever gone raspberry picking knows that raspberries do not wish to be picked, but if you get passed the protective layer of  prickly thorns, you will be rewarded with a perfectly soft little berry. They must be eaten or dealt with very quickly, practically the moment they are picked. The slightest touch crushes them and any stirring causes them to break down.  So it is with great care and respect that we took ten flats of beautiful raspberries to the kitchen last week. 

Raspberries are as tart as they are sweet and that is why they make such a lovely, intensely flavourful jam. The seeds add a wonderful texture to the jam but the pretty white freckles also make it very visually appealing in the jar, a perfect hostess gift for a summer get-together.

We made many jars of our classic Red Raspberry Jam last week. We find it is lovely sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake, spooned into thumbprint cookies and paired with any variety of lemon desserts (cheesecake is particularly nice.) We have also heard one woman say that it is a tasty way to sweeten black tea; just swirl some in and see for yourself. 

We have also created a Raspberry Rose Geranium Jam with Pink Pepper, such a wonderful combination of fresh pink peppercorn and an amazingly fragrant Rose Geranium Liqueur. It will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned. 


  1. Angela and Julieanne, what beautiful and yummy jams you're making. You have perfectly captured some of the fleeting flavours of summer!

  2. Well thank you Dawne, we always aim to capture those delicious summer flavours and are happy you are enjoying them. Thanks for the support!