Friday, October 12, 2012

Persian Peach Jam Marks One Year

Sticky Spoon just turned one, we are pleased to report. Actually, as we started making jam in the production kitchen last August, Sticky Spoon technically turned one somewhere around that time this Summer. We were busily producing blackberry, fig and apricot jam, new flavours still, so we marked our business anniversary as we jarred our Persian Peach Jam a couple of weeks ago. Cheers to making it one full year. It's quite fun to look back on our very first blog post and remember how it began, by picking our peaches and bravely starting a company. From now on, every late Summer, as we slice peaches and sprinkle pinches of saffron into large pots, we will happily consider it another year for Sticky Spoon. Fingers crossed. 

Owning a business has its ups and downs (5 am wake up calls, reminding us of 16 hour work days, come to mind.) Overall, we have enjoyed it immensely; we become increasingly efficient in the kitchen with every batch we make and we have learned a ton about the business world, the seasons and the local food community. We have made great friends and have proudly shared our jams with the most sophisticated palates.

We can honestly say we wouldn't be where we are today without all of you cheering us on. Thanks to every one who has supported us this past year, given us advice, liked us on Facebook or Retweeted anything we had to say, carried our jams on their retail shelves, and of course, every person who bought a jar from us. You all truly keep us going.

And now, back to the Persian Peach Jam....

A thick, chunky jam with subtle hints of saffron and rose water, Persian Peach Jam is lovely stirred into thick Greek-style yogourt and garnished with a sprinkle of pistachios for breakfast or a light snack. You could also add it to prosecco for an exotic peach bellini. One of our chef friends recently made a sauce out of this jam to pair with pork medallions and was delighted with the results; we wish we could have tried it too!

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