Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spiced Autumn Plum Jam

It's Fall. With our newest jam, we have now transitioned into Sticky Spoon Fall flavours, or so it seems.  Our jam pantry is stocked full of cinnamon, black cardamom, star anise, vanilla bean, brandys and liqueurs... we replace the bright, fresh herbs of Summer months for warm spices reminiscent of the comfort foods that we crave at this time of year.

We are pleased to announce that Spiced Autumn Plum Jam is back in stock, do you remember it from last year?

We were lucky this year, we got to pick most of our own plums, from my own backyard. Technically, they are from my neighbour's yard but she is a wonderful landlord and was pleased to have us pick the fruit, even more so after I left a jar of jam in her hands, a small token of gratitude. It's a friendly neighbourly exchange, the way it should be don't you think?

Prune plums are great on their own, tart and sweet, eaten fresh the day they are picked. Cooked down with spices and plum liqueur, prune plums are amazing, a totally different fruit with a beautiful colour we can't get enough of.

This jam seems to pair up wonderfully with every cheese, especially soft, creamy blue. It also makes a delicious cocktail when shaken with rhubarb bitters and dark rum. Sticky Spoon customers (professional chefs no less!) have roasted pork loins and veal loins with Spiced Autumn Plum Jam and mustard and received rave reviews. It is perfect for Fall and Winter months and makes a great addition to any holiday table. 

 The walnut breakfast cake above made its way to the production kitchen last week, with a small bowl of Spiced Autumn Plum Jam and gave us enough energy to make 16 batches of Tomato Jam. Oh, the little things that keep us going...

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